Trumpeter, Composer, Arranger


Hitomi Taguchi has been playing Trumpet for over 20 years.

Born in Osaka, Japan, Hitomi Taguchi started to take a real interest in MUSIC at age three. She never asked her parents for any toys but when she saw a grand piano for the first time she really begged her parents to buy it.  Seeing Hitomi had an interest in music and the piano, her parents gave her a gift of a small toy piano. She then started to learn the classical piano. After moving to Nagoya with her family, Hitomi began playing TRUMPET in order to join brass band in her school at the age of eight. In 1996, she made a visit to Sydney, Australia where she performed as a member of a select group of students from different high schools in Nagoya.  Under her father's influence, she started to learn Jazz music and in 2001 Hitomi became focused on JAZZ at Koyo Conservatory Music School in Nagoya. While studying at Koyo she started performing on trumpet at numerous local clubs.  After seeing and being inspired by Michael Brecker at the Blue Note in Nagoya, Hitomi decided to move to the USA. 

She graduated from the Koyo Concervatory Music School in 2005 and was offered a scholarship to study music at Berklee College of Music.  It was here that she would study Jazz Composition while playing trumpet as her principal instrument.  After graduating in 2009, Hitomi has been showing great versatility in musical styles such as Jazz, Funk, R&B, Rock and Clasisical.  She continues to perform and record with several groups in Boston, New York, Ohio, California, Japan and Canada.


Photo by Shuhei Teshima